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Temple Street. Half Marathon. Peter Donegan Needs Our Help


temple street charity run

My good friend the gardener Peter Donegan is trying to raise a few bob for Temple Street Childrens Hospital. I’m not really one for Marathons or half ones – but – this might go some way to helping Pete raise a few bob. Nice story. Nice lad. Here’s what he has to say on his garden blog:

Can’t donate but think you might be able to help ? Give Peter a call. I’ve his details in there at the end.

best wishes, Martin

Gimme Some (half marathon) Love People. And Thank You 😉 (mp3)

There’s a recent enough and great reason why Temple Street Childrens Hospital is so close to my heart, but in short and for the moment this is a gig I am now doing, again.

NB: we all got a medal. everyone. I did not come second 😉

More than that I am asking for your help and in short I need €650.

I’ve set up a My Charity Page were you can donate securly online and any amount is appreciated however if you are feeling a bit groovy you might also consider a slightly larger wad of cash. If you do and [understandably so] wanna little more bang for your buck ? No problemo.

Wanna chat ? My details are below.

Or see below.

Contact Peter Donegan

Further info:

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