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With all the success of my new album “MY IRELAND “, i have been inundated with questions about how i write my songs , and invariably, the conversation gets around to songwriting in general. Well—what a bottomless topic of learning that is. Some people have managed to make a living out of writing about, and teaching the art of songwriting. Needless to say, i had no idea when i began writing myself, that such teaching and instruction were readily available,  in the written form as well as downloads and various other methods. I suppose the first thing that struck me was the different ways in which different people approached the subject. Suffice to say that it is easy to see how you could easily fill a book with the various structures and methods.

Moving swiftly on to the subject itself, at the risk of becoming tongue tied, i am hoping to feature a number of articles on some of the ideas and ways that that have inspired me on my short journey of writing so far. This article carries a mandatory warning, that different ideas work for different people and there are no set rules except that the finished product must be of a high quality, regardless of which genre of music you write in.

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