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Thomas Ashe


With Easter fast approaching, our thoughts turn to that very special time in our history , when our country took the first steps on the road to becoming the nation that we are today. At the forefront of of that great struggle was our very own Thomas Ashe. Ashe was born in Kerry but came to the little village of Lusk as a teacher in the local Hedgestown national school. Thomas Ashe was to play a key role in the insurrection in 1916, and indeed he made a huge mark on the culture and heritage of his adopted Fingal, in the way of sport and music also.

And so it was that i came to write the beautifull BALLAD OF THOMAS ASHE , featuring an excerp from his poem Let Me Carry Your Cross For Ireland. You can find this lovely ballad on my new CD –MY IRELAND. When you log on to my site you can get a short snippet of all the songs on my home page. As the weeks pass and we get closer to Easter i will bring you some more information on this great Irishman.

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