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Martin Byrne – The Live Music Sessions, The Collection


I’ve always wanted to do a collection of songs, not as such an album, but more a collection of songs recorded and noted. Music albums are absolutely great and as well you know, I do love my singing. But you know when you want to see and equally do something just that little bit different…. ? With that in mind, the idea to record The Live Music Sessions was an extremely logic step to take.

It’s fair to say that it’s is a long way from the safety of the recording studios and whilst it great knowing that you have a copy of the My Ireland CD in your home, part of me was also very aware of you with whom I have not shook hands with and have not yet managed to see me play live.

Personally, I always feel the two go hand in hand…. knowing the recorded, just makes that live performance that little bit sweeter.

note: The above video plays all of the Live Music Sessions songs without you having to leave this post.

Martin Byrne music

Track Listing – The Live Music Sessions

  1. Finnegans Wake
  2. In The Rare Old Times
  3. Whiskey in The Jar
  4. The Auld Triangle
  5. Paddy On the Railway
  6. Red Is The Rose
  7. Go Lassie Go
  8. Home Sweet Home
  9. Mc Alpines Fusiliers
  10. Ireland My Ireland
  11. Home Sweet Home
  12. The Fields of Athenry

live music sessions

Further info – The Live Music Sessions

Making Contact – Staying In Touch

My Ireland, the album by Martin Byrne

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note: video below a sampler of all the songs from the live sessions.

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