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The Changing Face of Dublin



Well the title says it all really

With concrete slabs for cobble stones
They won’t leave my town alone
They’re tearing down the city i adore
With high rise flats and office blocks
They’re even pulling down the docks
The changing face of Dublin—
I can’t take it any more

Lots and lots of changes to the skyline and indeed the inner regions of Dublin in the past number of years. I have to say at the outset, that many of the changes are really terrific, and we surely can be proud of our capital city.

I think the mood of the song, reflects as much in the change of lifestyle and living that we have all experienced, probably more so than the actual structural changes. Alas, these changes have also occurred in every town in the country as well, so it is certainly not confined to Dublin.
So ,whether you are standing in Croke Park on All Ireland Day, or down at the O2 Concert hall, i hope that you are enjoying the sights and the sounds of our city.

Maybe you would like to share some of your thoughts with me on some particular change or event that has taken place in Dublin over the past few years. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


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