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Playlist[ed] – Dundalk FM. Jimmy Neary. Shades of Green Radio Show


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This not the first week I have been on Jimmy’s playlist it was nice to see and it’s also nice to note it. The song in question, Meet Me Halfway. Thanks for everything Jimmy. And also to you who maybe have requested to hear the song. 

The Shades of Green radio show was started on Dundalk FM by Jimmy Neary in 2005. Jimmy had been a radio enthusiast for most of his life and with that, an admiring fan of Country and Irish Music. When Dundalk FM provided Jimmy with the opportunity to host a radio show, he established Shades of Green, and has since enjoyed meeting and broadcasting to like minded people!

You can tune in to Jimmy’s show on Dundalk FM online or on the dial up radio every Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5 pm and also Monday evening from 8 to 9 pm. If you would like a request or a particular song aired, feel free to get in touch in the following ways:

The full playlist for November 17th and Meet Me Halfway [the video] is noted below

 Song Title
 Martin Byrne
 Meet Me Halfway.   (New Single)
 Gerry Carney  
 I Can See The Future In Your Eyes.  (New Single)
 Brian McDermott
 Grandad’s Storey.  (New Single)
 Gentleman John
 Red Is The Rose.
 Foster & Allen
 The Boys of Killybegs. (New Album”Gold & Silver Days”)
 Seamus Moore
 The Cobble Fighter.
 A Drop In Your Hand
 Cuckoo Waltz, The Jacqueline Waltz.
 Dermot O’Brien
 Old Comrades.
 Interview With Louise Morrissey.
 Louise Morrissey
 The Night Daniel O’Donnell Came To Town.
 Mary Prendergast
 Cherished Moments.  (New Album”Cherished Moments”)
 Patrick O’Sullivan
 Eaten Bread is Soon Forgotten.  (New Album”I’m So Glad I Got The Chance”)

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